What are Zona-Backlink?

Quite simply, backlinks are the absolute key to ranking high in Google.

Backlinks are links to a site from other websites on the internet.

The backlink must contain the link text of the keyword that you want to rank for! For example, if you want to rank for "Free Automatic google backlinks Exchanges" you will need links to your site whose link text contains "Free Automatic google backlinks Exchanges." By "link text", I am referring the the underlined blue text in the link. So, in this example, you would want the link to your site to be Free Automatic google backlinks Exchanges.

Backlinks are considered "ranking points" by Google. The more link text backlinks that you have, the more points that your site has for that keyword phrase.


Over time, you will likely rank higher than competitors with more backlinks than you but whose backlinks do not contain the link text that you are aiming to rank for. You can definitely beat out even huge high page rank sites if you have more specific link text backlinks for a certain keyword. Most times, sites rank for keywords just because they have the keywords on their webpage a few times or in their website title; often, these webpages that are ranking in the the top 10 Google results have ZERO backlinks!

A good rule of thumb is that a keyword phrase can be competed for easily if the top 10 pages in Google for that keyword have less than 250 backlinks each.

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